Spring by Sergey Kostyuk

The exhibition includes paintings that were created in different years and on different subjects, from simple everyday situations to lyrical and philosophical fantasies.

The artist was born in Kobrin, 1977, and still lives and works there, periodically going on creative journeys for insipration and new experiences.

Sergei Kostyuk received his professional education at the Glebov's Minsk Art College in 2006, and began to participate in art exhibitions much earlier in 1995, specializing in painting, drawing, watercolor and collage art. He is a participant in pictorial plein-airs, national and foreign exhibitions, had won awards and diplomas, including a diploma of the 1st degree for participation in the exhibition-competition "Temples of Beraszeyshchyna".

Since 2010, Sergei Kostyuk has been a member of the Brest Regional Association of Art Connoisseurs "Tour".

Solo exhibitions of his artworks were held in Minsk, Brest and Kobrin, and many of his paintings found their admirers not only in Belarus, but also in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Cyprus.
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