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Mara Art Gallery is located in the heart of the cultural and historical center of Nesvizh, one of the most finest and oldest cities in Belarus.

The gallery is a two-story space with two exhibition halls with an exposition area of more than 1,500 sq. m. Temporary thematic, solo and group exhibitions are shown in the first hall, while the second one is dedicated to the art store with a wide range of works of artistic craftsmanship.


    The gallery displays paintings by contemporary national artists living in different cities of Belarus and abroad, who have become famous thanks to their talent and active creative work. Each of them has its own special creative potential and unique author's style being easily recognizable among many fellow artists.


    The showroom on the ground floor of the gallery
    The great variety of artworks by local and foreign artists and manufacturers is displayed on the ground floor of the gallery: picturesque paintings, watercolors, graphic drawings; woven tapestries; works of artistic craftsmanship made of stained glass, bronze, silver, and bone china.
    Exhibitions on the second floor of the gallery
    The second floor of the gallery is allocated for personal exhibitions. Opening days are held for two months, during which art lovers spend their time communicating with the artists, accompanied by live music.

    Art store with a wide range of artworks

    including works of artistic craftsmanship

    Art for Sale

    12 Leninskaya Street

    MARA Art Gallery

    Nesvizh 222603


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