Vladimir Kontsedailov: The MONOLOGUE

Vladimir Kontsedailov, one of the outstanding contemporary artists of Belarus, is distinguished by his original artistic vision, thanks to which the author's handwriting, coloring, and thematic range were formed.

His painting consists of many subtle color shades that interact with each other and smoothly flow from one color to another, while creating a single harmonious palette of the work.

The content of Vladimir Kontsedailov's paintings is mysterious and cannot be read with a superficial glance; a single storyline must be carefully discovered in seemingly random, disparate details. Understatement is also part of the author's technique, which allows the viewers to become a co author of the artist and to think out, add to the conversation started by the artist with their own associations.

As a rule, in the canvases the artist has a conversation with himself or with the characters of his paintings, but since they are silent, the conversation takes place in the form of a monologue. Hence the name of the exhibition.

It is typical for Kontsedailov to create a series of paintings on a chosen topic. It can be explained by the fact that it's impossible to reveal the full depth of the philosophical and poetic idea in one canvas, because in the process of work new thoughts and feelings arise and they naturally move to the next canvas
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