03.09 - 31.10 / Pictorial Gourmet by Alexey Korabelnikov

A talented Belarusian artist was born in Minsk in 1986.

Alexei's childhood dream of becoming an artist started to become true from the age of 11 at an art school. He then successfully graduated from the Minsk Art College named after A. Glebov (2006), the Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after. M. Tank (2012) and got his master's degree in 2014.

The artist initially chose the style of realism for himself as the most eloquent and a full-fledged opportunity to display life in all its forms by capturing a wide variety of events and natural phenomena.

Architecture is often found in his "main character" paintings. The author has two favorite cities - Minsk and St. Petersburg, and they are represented in the current exhibition. The historical buildings of the last century are grandiose and monumental; they fill the space with majestic spirituality.

A special place in the work of Alexei Korabelnikov is occupied by the genre of still life. This, one might say, is his picturesque, refined, juicy and tasty dish, which he has an eye for. His still lifes are complex in composition. They usually consist of simple products and everyday objects, but they are written elegantly and with virtuoso ease.

The artist works a lot and fruitfully creatively, constantly participates in Republican and foreign exhibitions, and since 2016 he began teaching at the Minsk State Art College named after A. Glebov named after A. Glebov and continues to teach at the Minsk College of Arts.