Arzhanukhina, O., Apples Table Lamp

Stained glass
Tiffany method
Size: 29х18cm

Olga Arzhanukhina is a Soviet and Belarusian designer, artist, member of the public association "Belarusian Union of Designers".
Specialization: interior design, equipment, art design.
Olga Viktorovna Arzhanukhina was born in the city of Krasnoarmeysk in the USSR. In 1981 she graduated from the Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute. Since 1983, he has participated in exhibitions in Belarus, Germany, etc. In 1986 she became a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists, In 1997 ― a member of the Belarusian Union of Designers, specializing in interior design, art design, ceramics and the creation of stained glass windows. Creates stained glass windows in the Tiffany technique. The works are in private collections: France, Germany, Israel, Italy.
Among the main works are tiles for the metro station "Ploshchad Ya.Kolas", the deli "Minsk" (Volgograd), the painting of a ceramic panel for the pool of the sports complex "Staiki", a three—dimensional composition in the library Ya.Kupala, the interior of the restaurant "Albatross" (Minsk).
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